Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok so I'll totally admit that I forgot to post last week so I’ll sneak a short one in now! And this week’s post probably won’t be up until tomorrow because I have to leave for work in a few mins and will be going strait form one job to the next. Mostly I spent time this week continuing brainstorming and planning out my mapping. I have decided as stated in my last post that I’m mapping the heart and it’s relation to relationships. The only way that I’ve come up with to do that is in a series style to be displayed all in a row. I also plan to incorporate the use of different mediums and a few different layers. However in doing both of those things I want to keep the same process on each part of the series so they still look like they belong together in a single life. Here are some inspiring images I’m drawing on for this project-


  1. Your idea to combine mediums sounds awesome. I think that as long as you follow your instincts with this, you won't have to worry about them coming together at the end. The pictures/images that inspire you are all very passionate. They seem to all carry this deeper meaning that is quite beautiful. I can't wait to see your final "map"! So far, your watercolors were amazing!

  2. Jessi,

    I know you haven't blogged 'post-critique' but I would like to mention a few things reflecting on that.
    Your map took a lot of research and was a thought out, layer by layer project. Some of the textures you achieved with the watercolor was outstanding. The short blue and greenish one had that grainy texture which you covered with line markings of high interest. That was my favorite part. The overlay of the partially transparent material has me torn. Should it be an interactive piece, where the viewer has to lift up the paper to explore further? Or should the beauty of the watercolor be effortlessly portrayed without having to physically move anything? I think both ways would be equally as effective.

    One thing that I felt contradicted the piece was the drawings of hearts and swirly lines on the overlaying sheets. This portion seemed hurried and less thought out than did the previous successful steps you took. One thing I really enjoyed about the piece is when the broken glass section gave everyone a sense of discomfort and you took that as a compliment. It was like you were saying, "yeah, take that! i want you to feel that way because that is how I had to feel."

  3. I like that you focus on mapping emotion evolving relationships in this statement. You also make good technical points about keeping unity throughout a series.

    You project turned out great! I like the abstract waves from the different size materials and I didn't think that the sunset looked cliche at all. In fact, I thought it was not over whelming and I liked the over all subtlety of the piece. I am excited to see what you do for the final piece.