Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok so I'll totally admit that I forgot to post last week so I’ll sneak a short one in now! And this week’s post probably won’t be up until tomorrow because I have to leave for work in a few mins and will be going strait form one job to the next. Mostly I spent time this week continuing brainstorming and planning out my mapping. I have decided as stated in my last post that I’m mapping the heart and it’s relation to relationships. The only way that I’ve come up with to do that is in a series style to be displayed all in a row. I also plan to incorporate the use of different mediums and a few different layers. However in doing both of those things I want to keep the same process on each part of the series so they still look like they belong together in a single life. Here are some inspiring images I’m drawing on for this project-

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mapping for it . . . .

This week was very information heavy. While being very fascinating and very informative it was a lot to take in. This week had a lot of input but had very little on the aspect of out put. I really wish that to go with all of the inspiration consisting of imagery, thoughts, ideas there was the output of what had inspired us.  Some thoughts that have been building throughout the informational research process that may inspire my mapping experience are the different images that appear when thinking of mapping my childhood. Thoughts of travel or moving, figments and moments that run like a broken slide show of my past in my mind. While listening doing the presentations I think I want to do a map, not mapping. It seemed to me that a map is more of how it’s going to be or has been as in it’s something that has already been created. Mapping on the other hand seems to me to be more of creating how you want it to be and developing something to come.

During the development and ideating stage I also did a lot of thinking on what isn’t being mapped or what isn’t already out there. In my life I remember always hearing my parents say that there is no handbook or map for parenting. There is no right or wrong or how-to. This also brought up the ideas of a lack of map for ones life and how to live and what’s to come. They say that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, well with a lack of map for life there is just life to live. That also is reflective and can be applied to relationships, friendships, and the heart. So for my mapping project I’m either going to look into matters of relationships, friendships and the heart or into my past.  I’m not really sure just yet, they’re just thoughts.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

* Introduction *

The beginning always seems like a good place to start. Being that it’s the start of the 2011 year, spring semester, new classes, and my last semester at Stout I would say this counts as the beginning of the end in a sort. With every new beginning there should always come an introduction.

My name is Jessica Olson but most people call me Jessi of just plain Jess. I in all honesty can’t remember the last time anyone called me Jessica. I’ll be 23 for about another week then I’ll be celebrating the second anniversary of my 22nd birthday. (It was a good year so I’ve decided that I’ll just keep celebrating it until I can’t fake it anymore). As I briefly mentioned earlier I’m a senior at the University of Wisconsin Stout and will be graduating in May assuming all goes as planned. That being said along with this class I’m enjoying the challenges of senior studio this semester, which should keep me pretty busy.

As far as for this class, while I really love color in photographs (which is one of my other passions), I love monotones/gray scales. I love the depth that is created by allowing your mind to imagine and paint the colors into a setting or situation that has been provided. I also love felt tip pens and creating strictly black and while images that give the appearance of depth depending on the intensity of the mark. Other than that I would the majority of my drawing style depends on the type of mood I’m in. Another small tid-bit about me is: I usually have my headphones in when I draw otherwise I have a tendency to get distracted.

Last but not least I’m going to start/end this post with an apology. I will be the first to admit I’m not an English major, so while I will do my best on my blog posts my spelling and grammar probably leave a lot to be desired.